Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Never Fail List Building System Yours at Zero Cost!

Can A Listbuilding System Be TOTALLY Automated?

I know we're all a bit sick and tired of promises of "automated software" that will make us rich before dinner.

And I'm always the first to be skeptical of these kinds of outrageous claims.

But today I may have to actually eat my words.

Because I just picked up a listbuildilng system that really is incredibly fast...,

And the traffic actually does keeps flow in on auto-pilot.

It's a pretty new tactic on the scene that I've heard of.

But I never really knew how to implement it.

Then I found this:

Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System

At that link 7 figure marketer Bill McRea is GIVING AWAY this listbuilding system totally free...

It's his way of getting some buzz going for his upcoming product launch (apparently he's go another system up his sleeve that's even better than this)

In any case..

I went and got this myself and it's totally legit.

There's nothing scammy about it all.
It's just a way to instantly create a win-win offer that potential JV partners can't refuse.

Bill hand you EVERYTHING you need to make it work. And I mean EVERYTHING.

So if you know the power of having a mailing list..

Do yourself a favor and go get this.

Do it now: Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System

I mean...you can't beat the price, right?

P.S. There is one catch to this...you'll have to help spread the word. But that's easy for me because I've seen this strategy in action and know that it works.
You should get Free Plug N Play Listbuilding System now!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WordPress New Back Link Stategies Automate Blogging

Google got their hand slapped for "accidentally" capturing personal data from free Wi-Fi cafe locations.  Eric Schmidt wisely said "Oops we screwed up.  But we fixed it!"  Now he is trying to make Google the poster child for corporate apologies to position as morally superior to the unrepentant BP.  Local Search is the new gold rush.  I am thinking of buying some Facebook ads to experiment.  Google Adwords are too expensive, they know it and FB makes 'em nervous.

Do you blog to make money?  Seth Godin does.

If you blog to make money, I'm about to show you a few tricks you can do with a simple plugin that will send your traffic and income through the roof...

By the time you finish reading this I'll show you how to...

- Instantly build backlinks and HUGE surges of traffic to your blog...
- Automatically build DEEP one-way links to propel your blog to the top of the search engines...
- How to turn 10 auto-blogs into 150+ with the click of a button...
- AND accomplish this all on 100% autopilot... And that's just scratching the surface...

For a Limited Time check out the new WP offer= New WP Syndicator

To Your Success,
Bill Whetstone

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Retirement Obsolete?

Is Retirement an obsolete concept in the face of today's financial crises? Are You having to postpone retirement plans because of unforeseen economic stresses and losses to your retirement account?  

Is Your retirement on a backburner because saving your house from foreclosure and keeping your mortgage current has become the all consuming 900 pound gorilla? Are you worried about your credit rating when credit is choking you to death?  

Stop wasting time and energy with worry and take steps for a more secure future.  

Now is not the time to run out and buy gold, guns and organic seeds.  

Now is the time to SELL gold, guns and organic seeds to the panicky herd.  

Don't get trampled by the stampede

Google's #1 website for DIY Economic Stimulus

Monday, October 5, 2009

HyperVRE Combines Affiliate Power & Adsense

Here is a brand new way to give your affiliate income a simple boost or jumpstart at no cost to you.

Best of all…this is at no cost to you. "There is absolutely Nothing To Buy!"

===== HyperVRE Combines Affiliate Power & Adsense

It is no secret that there is a lot of money to be made with AdSense and more importantly, contextual advertising.

I do not want to waste too much time with this message, explaining all of the awesome details about this software, but you should know that you can build hundreds of sites containing contextual ads with YOUR unique ClickBank, Amazon, PayDotCom…or literally ANY other affiliate links of your choice! Oh yeah, and you can customize your AdSense ads on each page too!

This site will explain more of the details. Trust me, this software is great! And the best part…it is completely 100% FREE! (well, for now at least)

To get free, private access you need to use the link below.

===== HyperVRE Combines Affiliate Power & Adsense

I really love this and cannot say enough about it.


Bill Whetstone

===== HyperVRE Combines Affiliate Power & Adsense